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Cleamar Oy
49400 Hamina, Korjaamotie 16
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About us
Our company Cleamar Oy established in 1993 and is currently one of the oldest transportation and logistics companies in the southeastern region, near the port HAMINA (5 km) and KOTKA (15km), 40 km from the border with Russia.

We have proven ourselves as reliable and stable partner in the field of warehousing and transportation services. Many Russian and European companies are our partners for a long time. Strong partnerships with ocean shipping and air transport companies allow us to meet the most complex projects in the logistics field.
Our services
Good links with sea lines, airlines and carriers will also enable us to carry out the most demanding tasks. Land, air and sea transport gives our customers broad opportunities to resolve issues of delivering products from these places in the world: the USA, China, the European Union. Speed and accuracy in delivery - It is a promise we have developed from our long and fruitful experience.

Our own customs warehouse is 7 kilometers from the port of HAMINA, we offer cargo handling services, namely temporary storage of goods from the European Union, transit warehousing in the customs area, processing of transit declarations and much more.

It should be noted that we have a special storage area with temperature support, which allows our customers to store and consolidate special cargoes, such as alcohol and pharmaceutical products.

Due to the possibility to use any transport means of transportation, such as containers for the carriage of sea freight containers, refrigerated transport, transportation of food and medicines and inclined semi-trailers for the transportation of 10-100 cubic meters of goods.

  • All transportation and storage of goods are insured.
  • Privacy is another big part of our work.
  • Experience comes with age, and partners are tested by time.
  • We are confident in the future prosperity and fruitful cooperation.
Our own customs warehouse, located in Hamina, allows us to hold imported non-Community goods in the Community and choose when he pays the duties or re-exports the goods. Our customs warehouse allows traders to store goods with duty or import VAT payments suspended. Once goods leave the warehouse duty must be paid, unless they're re-exported or move to another customs procedure. We are authorised by Finnish Custom to run a customs warehouse.

Goods you can store in our customs warehouse.

You can store goods in a customs warehouse if they're:

  • imported from outside the EU, and are liable to customs duties or import VAT - this includes goods imported under Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)
  • moved from another EU country in duty suspension
  • Common Agricultural Policy goods that qualify for an export refund
  • EU goods that qualify for common storage arrangements
You can also put goods into a customs warehouse if:

  • you don't know the final destination of your goods when they arrive in the EU
  • your import licences or paperwork have been delayed, or you're waiting for a duty-relief quota to become available (for example, for agricultural goods)
  • you want to use another customs procedure (for example, Inward Processing for non-excise goods)
Benefits of Customs Warehousing.

There are many benefits available to companies by taking advantage of the Customs Warehouse procedure, as the following list shows:
  • Delay paying Import Duty and/or VAT on imported goods indefinitely
  • Defer payment of Import Duty and/or VAT for up to 45 further days for goods imported, warehoused and distributed within the same EU country
  • Defer payment of Import Duty for up to 45 further days and do not pay VAT for goods imported and warehoused in one EU country and distributed to a different EU country
  • Do not pay Import Duty or VAT on goods imported then exported outside the EU
  • Delay having a Customs treatment applied to imported goods
  • Warehouse goods where there is a problem meeting particular import requirements (such as certain import licensing requirements)
  • Pay reduced Import Duty and/or VAT on revalued goods
  • Carry out quality control checks on imported goods without payment of Import Duty and VAT
  • Unloading and loading of customer`s goods
  • Storage of goods in our warehouse
  • Admission to the warehouse (EX-1, T-1)
  • Execution of EX-1
  • Registration of T-1
  • Preparation of a consignment for shipment (recalculation, weighing, etc. manipulation)
  • Delivery of the customer's cargo from Helsinki
Cleamar Oy provides Temperature Control In Stock. This space maintains an ambient temperature with heating controls which is ideal for the storage of:
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Liqueurs, Beers
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Tobacco
The footprint of climate controlled space 250m3.
Cleamar Oy is a premier provider of domestic Transportation Management solutions. Whether you are looking to move freight from one city to the next or need to deliver a small shipment with urgency, you can depend on us for personal and reliable service. While some companies are limited in the in-house managed solutions they can offer, we has a complete transportation portfolio under its control.

Whether our customers require less than truckload, intermodal, over the road, or any of the other transportation services we provide, they can rest assured knowing that they can utilize any of our services individually or combine the services in their supply chain and allow us to design and deliver a totally integrated logistics management solution.

  • Time Sensitive Services
  • Port to Warehouse, Warehouse to Port, Airport to Port, Airport to Airport, Airport to Warehouse
  • Special Equipment
We specialize in Customized Industry Solutions, managing the complete transportation process for industries such as AOG, Cruise Ship, HVAC, Perishables, Spirits, Duty Free & Travel Retail, and Pharmaceuticals.
Why choose us?
We are happy to give you best from our service which is based on serious experience.
>20 years of work
Our company have more than 20 years of legal experiences.
Individual support
We offer you professional consultation for any question.
We are located near the port KOTKAHAMINA and 40 km from the border with Russia
We are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our prices are very lexible.
Multilanguage service
Our specialists speaks on English, Finnish and Russian languages.
Feel free to contact us
Cleamar Oy
49400 Hamina, Korjaamotie 16
Tel.: +358 5 7 47 47 00
E-mail: info(a)

Business ID: FI 0949868-5
Customs ID: FI 0949868-5T0001
Customs place: FI 494600
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